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Hi everyone, welcome to Supercy. My name is Percy Jules, I am a composer, songwriter, and producer, and I’m the founder of Supercy.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been very passionate about music. Whether it is just listening to songs, composing, writing lyrics, mixing, producing or just about everything related to music, I’ve always felt drawn to it.
And for a long time I’de also felt a strong urge to somehow share my passion with the world. That is why eventually I decided to create an outlet for every musical idea or experience I had and wanted to share, and I named it Supercy.


My Contribution

Music is an ever-evolving phenomenon to which we all, in one way or another, contribute.  Supercy is my way of contributing. It is meant to inspire, and to help get (more) engaged in music creation.

Complete songs
For singers and instrumentalists looking for brand new, personalized material to build up or extend their repertoire, Supercy creates custom-made songs from scratch, that fit specific talents and personal preferences.

For lyricists looking for a music composer to create fitting music to support their text, Supercy composes music based on specific lyrics and any additional preferences there might be. This way lyrics and music will be perfectly compatible and together will form a cohesive song.

For hip-hop artists who are looking for new original beats, Supercy creates hip hop instrumentals that will support their work, and together with their lyrics will form a complete hip-hop song.

Theme music
For video artists, animators, game developers, or advertising agencies looking for some suitable background music to support their project with, Supercy creates theme music that captures the right ambiance and enriches the experience of your work?

Tutorials / Tips & Tricks
For anyone new to music creation or any musician looking for some useful additional information about music production, Supercy presents free tutorials and some tips & tricks to help get (more) engaged in music creation.


Now let’s make some music!

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